LEAKED: production Tonale


Here it is! Someone leaked these photos.

I think the production design looks great and didn’t change much from the concept.


Nice find @Spadina and thank you for sharing!
Well done on the design adaptation from concept by AR!!! I want one more now than ever, maybe because it’s becoming more of a reality :wink:
Two things I’m not digging though is the slapped on top of the dash infotainment screen and the wheels need to be bigger like in the concept so that the classic AR phone dial design actually looks like a full circles instead of the horseshoes in these photos.


I agree. Hopefully we’ll see a Tonale Quadrifoglio in due time with bigger wheels and a little more aggressive look.

I’m getting more excited for the Tonale!


I think putting the Stelvio’s base engine in the Tonale as an option would be a real hoot!